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Do not upgrade the 3DS firmware before there is a compatible GW3DS firmware upgrade released or you could loose access to the Gateway 3DS cards features!

Gateway 3DS Latest Firmware
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Gateway 3DS

As an avid 3DS, I was fascinated by the 3DS gateway (GW3DS).  I was full of anticipation before.  My hands on one About a month before its release, the team released the information GW3DS 3DS Gateway only works on the 3DS devices with firmware 4. 5 or higher.  My 3DS is updated to the latest firmware at the time Era 5. 1. Luckily I was able to pick up a 3DS XL with 4. 4. 0 firmware from a local store.  To ensure that the unit I bought is compatible with me, I checked the date of manufacture.  All new 3DS units in 2012 or earlier, will be less than 5. 0 firmware.  Fixed compatibility issue with, I wanted to deal with the evaluation of GATEWAY3DS - had gathered with the 3DS game library.

The Nintendo 3DS launched 27 March 2011.  Due to the increase in piracy protection measures against Nintendo, it has been speculated that it may take years before we would play a "hack", the 3DS ROM would see.  Above all, the answer to the Nintendo DS flash kit manufacturers and producers, was expected.  Finally, with the release of the Gateway 3DS to get a new era of piracy.

A brief history of piracy 3DS

The 17th December 2012 An image was posted on Twitter by OzModChips Reseller which showed that a 3DS with two fully illuminated screens.  The text was "hacked WE!" Simple Message.  The trick of several members of the scene, it was confirmed to be legitimate under which members of veterans of the scene Crediar, neimod and Yellows8. Yellows8 said the hack uses an exploit fists game uses the name of the game has not yet been published, the feat protect repaired by Nintendo. The exploit worked at user mode, then save homebrew exploit the use of assets initially associated with the game used to be limited.  This means that there is no ROM support, which was a plus, because many hackers are against piracy 3DS.  Since the exploits seemed very limited, it was not necessary to solve.

News of another feat that was soon reported that hackers neimod 3DS had acquired full control of the soul in unchanged 3DS. The vulnerability has been confirmed in other operate saved games a game cartridge 3DS. Esto have a 3DS game cartridge before the announcement and release date for the exploit was not published there, is the reason that it is easy for Nintendo to patch. Hackers 3DS wanted to experiment to come up with conservation efforts vulnerabilities in updates and patches. By 3DBrew. org suite is constantly updated with new information, including a list of unsuccessful job in the operation of the 3DS trials. This list also attempts to try to block the 3DS eShop game Pushmo / pyramid by creating custom QR codes with the 3DS via your internet browser.

In the future, 30 2013, we have an announcement of the 3DS Team Gateway 3DS have played a kit of the flash ROM. They also show the flash kit works as a video that shows that games like Luigi's Mansion load. The exploit was found DS chains containing corrupt user configuration 3DS, so that they too long, which occurs in a decrease in 3DS mode when you try to view the settings. Once the battery  Able to block the profile settings corrupt chain 3DS DS 3DS is the SD card to read the data. GW3DS team published a file called "launcher. dat" that goes on the SD card the 3DS. This file contains the information of the 3DS running after reading SD card starts. Once the information is read from the new 3DS GATEWAY3DS GW3DS mode allows to use.

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