3DS ROMs for Gateway3DS Flash Cards

Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs for Gateway 3DS™ Flash Card® Free GW3DS Games.

3DS ROMs for Gateway3DS Flash Cards

All games have been tested in class 4 Map MicroSD. La Adata 32GB card has been formatted with the Panasonic SD Formatter.
Bit Trip Saga - ROM WORKS!
Bust A Move Universe - ROM WORKS!
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion - ROM WORKS!
Cave Story 3D - ROM WORKS!
Code of Princess - ROM WORKS!
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic - ROM WORKS!
Disney Epic Mickey power of illusion - ROM WORKS!
Donkey Kong Country Returns - ROM WORKS!
Dream Trigger 3D - ROM WORKS!
Fire Emblem: Awakening - ROM WORKS!
Kid Icarus: Uprising - ROM WORKS! (The game has not yet done me back to the main menu once 3DS has. I think so. )
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon - ROM WORKS!
Mario Kart 7 - ROM WORKS!
New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Go
Paper Mario Sticker Star - ROM WORKS!
Pilotwings Resort - ROM WORKS!
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask - ROM WORKS!
Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure - ROM WORKS!
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked - ROM WORKS!
Super Mario 3D Land - ROM WORKS!
Super Street Fighter IV - ROM WORKS!
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - ROM WORKS!

Tested ROM perfect. The only drop I experienced while using GW3DS is when I start a ROM. There is a delay of 1-2 seconds GW3DS find fists, then transfer GW3DS storage system. However, when the process stored in the memory GATEWAY3DS more delays, which I found surprising as I found the data transfer speed slow microSD card - 3DS show a different kind of slowdown - Flash Kit GW3DS.

I have tried a few games that I would not have to slow down work and play well. Super Street Fighter IV and the retail cartridge. I had the opportunity to fight in a tournament and beat all processors. There was no slowing down Scenes, animations or boss while talking on the end of each fight. I am also pleased that Cooking Mama 4 excellent performance as well say. I was able to perform all necessary steps for the perfect steak without screwing one of the steps. In Rhythm Thief and Treasure of the Emperor was unable to control it on the screen while you are in time with the rhythm, which means that while showing no problem with audio sync with GW3DS. Besides sounding had the opportunity to carry out a mission in Rhythm Thief uses the probe 3DS. El 3D mode roundabout in all these games, as they should run without any problems to me.
As a kind of test of curiosity, I tried a ROM DSi mode with GW3DS change start the extension of DS 0. 3. The ROM does not appear in the menu of the 3DS "at all, I've found that red flash GATEWAY3DS Labeling Kit recognizes only current ROM 3DS has.

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3DS Roms for Gateway
3DS Roms for Gateway

The GW3DS is currently unable to use the online features of the 3DS Do If you try it, there was an error reporting site "002-0123" as the Nintendo 3DS is because they are not close enough to the access Point. I found it very strange because it was right in front of my router and fewer 3DS cartridges worked perfectly on my 3DS pieces. Maybe this error is by design, advise the team to stay out of proportion with GW3DS GW3DS. Since I can no longer During your 3DS online is more likely is that you download the latest update. Note that the 3DS update is not automatic update, but constantly wondering if you downloaded the update.  
Date 3DS ROM are currently not able to be played with the GATEWAY3DS. This is due to the new 3DS ROM you check the firmware version of the 3DS, then prompts the user upgrade to a higher version stored in the cartridge details. Since 4. 5, the latest version of the firmware currently supports GW3DS, you can not play these games. However GW3DS announced the team recently, they are working on a Spoofer Firmware you play games that require firmware higher. The Team GATEWAY3DS also announced the possibility of an accidental release. The 3DS games only in the region, which was bought blocked, an example would be a 3DS U. S. United States can play ROMs. GW3DS team was able to work around this limitation, and showed a Japanese game that runs on a European 3DS.