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3DS SD Card Set-up:
Assuming you have already downloaded the Zip release GW , Open it in a program like Winrar or 7zip. This is shown above in the first image.  This compressed file contains everything you need to make the color blue with GW3DS flash kit and SD. Una card if you Open you want to go the "release GW" file which is finds a file with the name "launcher. dat". Unzip the file SD card and insert the SD card into the 3DS. The second picture above shows this in the program file, Winrar. Once completed, you are finished with this part of the configuration. The reason we are in the "launcher. dat" file to the root directory of the SD card because if the 3DS crashes corrupt profile settings DS string is converted to SD card to read data. Once the information has to read it starts the 3DS GATEWAY3DS mode GW3DS flash kit red marking allowed Function. It is therefore an essential step in creating your Gateway 3DS.

Tagged Flash Kit GATEWAY3DS Blue Set-up:
This configuration should again open the zip file you downloaded start GW. Once open, the "blue card (R4)" folder and go unpack all the files / folders at the root microSD. Inserte map Map microSD Marked blue flash kit and plug the flash blue tag on the 3DS kit. This kit is shown as a flash game on 3DS main menu ", then you need to take. Once started, you will see an icon with the logo GW3DS called "GW Install", select it and press A. Now press on a screen, the "A to start, says Install "and" Press B to exit. "Press A and GW Homebrew Installer application will start the operation of its 3DS system.  
(Note:. GWINSTALL file can run on any DS flashcart, while support of 3DS firmware v4. 1-4. 5)

What GW installer currently spoils DS chains users of 3DS, so they lock the 3DS 3DS mode settings. Use this launcher to work. Once the installation is complete, check that the 3DS is exploited successfully, press the button to return to the main menu of the 3DS. Now go to the settings of the 3DS and other configuration options, then go to press, the profile option, and finally the option that says Nintendo DS profile. Your 3DS will crash, and you start  set back to the profile configuration file GW3DS. Debes Nintendo DS and block your 3DS if I will go out. You should also install homebrew GW whenever you use 3DS DS mode (ROM, homebrew, etc. ) and do all the steps after that.

Red labeling kit GATEWAY3DS flash set-up:

Now, for the last few steps to configure your gateway to 3DS 3DS ROM play. Assuming you have already downloaded the Win32 Disk Imager program , the next step is to browse their collection of ROM 3DS. El 3DS ROM have an extension . 3 DS file. Make sure you try the correct region for the 3DS ROM 3DS system flashes when the team does not yet published GW3DS manufacturing multi-region day. From Map microSD connected to the computer, launch the Disk Imager Win32. Wir recommend this program to write the 3DS ROM Once microSD. Una map Win32 Disk Imager is inserted, make sure that the check selected, the letter Readers microSD, so you can finish writing the ROM card with another device.
Now click on the folder icon in the Win32 Disk Imager program, choose your 3DS ROM. If you do not your ROM, then you may need to change the type of file to search for "all files". After 3DS ROM selected, press the "Write" button. Click Yes if there aw WARNING corruption on physical media. What they do now is to write files to 3DS ROM microSD card, which can be read from the 3DS, the information Map microSD GW3DS flash with red kit like a real 3DS. Espere the label cartridge ROM to write to an end in the microSD card, the microSD card into the GATEWAY3DS Flash Kit highlighted in red. Finally, add the red flashing GW3DS Labeling Kit on the 3DS. The game should appear in the menu as a normal game, as you are Fashion A gateway 3DS. Presione in the game, and see the boot ROM.

The game should be played just like the original commercial version, but in the beginning you can see more lead time. This is because the search GW3DS 3DS SD card GameSave be created if none found in GATEWAY3DS. Para to permanently the game, you have to make to save the game, press the start button on the 3DS, and press X to exit the game and confirm. Thus, the Gateway 3DS be transferred SD card into fists GW3DS 3DS. Los saved the country. SAV format, you can easily copy it to your computer using the SD card into your computer and drag the file. SAV root of the SD card to the computer. Enjoy your GATEWAY3DS.


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