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Nintendo 3DS Gateway CardsIntroduction

The GW3DS Kit is the first 3DS flash in the world and allows users to play 3DS ROM.  This is done by creating a successful battery DS 3DS in the profile.  The Success Stack and then blocked the 3DS mode, so the 3DS reboot, and from where the bridge 3DS To start flash kit. GW3DS team promises a number of functions for GATEWAY3DS, expenses and stopband requirements for updating the firmware of the latest games included. With this rating, I hope to have some questions consumers while buying a GW3DS Flash Kit you can answer.  Live up to your expectations? Is it just a sign of things to come to the 3DS scene? Here's a look at the product that raises the bar for 3DS Kits flash mode.
Many thanks must go to the gateway 3DS team not only to pass the test sample, but also provides a variety of information that made this review.


Gateway 3DS Card - USER GUIDE


Step 1a) Prepare BLUE Gateway Installer cardb) Copy files from Blue Card (R4i) folder to the Root of a fat 32 formatted Micro SD Card.

c) Press A to power down or Home to return to main menu. Remove Blue Gateway cart.Note : Step 2 must be repeated any time the console enters DS mode.Step 2 (repeat on DS mode entry)

A team history 3DS gateway?
The 3DS Equipment Gateway first came with his announcement of a Flash ROM Kit play 3DS 30 May 2013 as a teaser. The video shows a use Map microSD in the 3DS game cartridge and insert into a white 3DS XL. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon appears in the menu, and was launched. After a saved game and a short loading Scene GW3DS the team from the main screen of the 3DS. Then take the first microSD card and insert to other GATEWAY3DS. Esta a cartridge when the cartridge is installed Resident Evil Revelations 3DS game in the menu. However, the shoe gives an error message that the data store is damaged, creating a new stop. Introduction and outputs shown revelations home team GW3DS screen again. Now a third microSD card is placed in the Cartridge 3DS Gateway and the game that 3D Land 3DS Super Mario appears in the menu. When starting another data storage is corrupted error occurs, it creates a pool and Scene first The work of 3D Earth, ending the teaser video.

Gateway 3DS XL Firmware

The first response of the community GW3DS team teaser was very diverse. A portion of the Community 3DSROM was very excited and waiting for the first 3DS Flash Kit into the hands of consumers. The other members of the Community 3DSROM appear to have a kit 3DS flash as the beginning of the short life of a plateau 3DS. Surgió questions about the legitimacy and the use of Kit GATEWAY3DS Flash. In the video, the team GW3DS showed that 3DS games require gateway Maps microSD separated and saved game does not work properly. In reply GW3DS team created a FAQ to answer most questions. The FAQ has confirmed the game Limit of the microSD card, your inability homebrew, this game is saved play does not work, and GATEWAY3DS be the end of June availableOne FAQ has created a more diverse department 3DSROM, each group with a different position in the Flash Kit GW3DS. Un left is totally against it because it is a device designed purely for reasons of piracy, this is due to the fact that currently can not get rid of their own 3DS games and the team said he would not support GW3DS homebrew. On the other hand, accepted Gateway 3DS perhaps because of their lack of free games. At the end of June came with no new GATEWAY3DS team, which led to suspicion of false GW3DS. Finally, on 11 July, the Gateway 3DS team posted an announcement that pre-orders are now open, and answered a few questions, along with some new information.

gateway 3ds roms

The introduction GW3DS work in firmware 4. 1 to 4. 5, with plans to try to upgrade to later versions of firmware 3DS work. The GATEWAY3DS Kits are available in two flash. One is the red markup GW3DS kit flash, which is responsible for the implementation 3DS ROM and the other is a blue label Flash Kit DS which is used to install the 3DS feat gateway and play DS homebrew and ROM.
On 18 Day after the last announcement GW3DS team released an update to the FAQ. This update indicates that the first Units GATEWAY3DS were ready to be sent, the blue color with Flash running DS homebrew kit as works on firmware 6. 1, and this feat GW3DS installation just run once or every time you walk in the fashion DS. El FAQ Customer also reported that Animal Crossing: New Leaf incorrectly in the Gateway 3DS thanks to its NAND memory chip based. At this point, the members began to hope that they release GW3DS lose, but a day later, GATEWAY3DS sent an e-mail GW3DS general who was on the way to their authors. Examiners few days later started GW3DS, their samples, the hope of the members was that once were have doubts about the legality of the Gateway 3DS flash kit.

The Units GATEWAY3DS still on the way to the dealers in parts of the world, received manufacturer, distributor near GW3DS shares. The team has been working GW3DS support the product and recently released teaser video shows another firmware theft and the region, bypassing the lock. Firmware spoofing is useful because new 3DS games you require your 3DS firmware update via Gateway 3DS. Esto support means that the theft firmware allow players to jour. dérivation without locking the region makes these games the players to play every play 3DS ROM, from any region in n 'is any 3DS region locked. The new update is currently Tests and is revealed openly in the coming days. Meanwhile, the community is waiting patiently for the arrival of 3DSROM GATEWAY3DS local dealers.

GATEWAY 3DS .info -- Official Home Page

3DS firmware 4.1-4.5

The first is GW3DS 3DS mode flash game in the world, allowing users to play 3DS ROM. So basically, you set the bar for other 3DS flash kits, and what GW3DS promises that seem to be quite high up team. They do this by releasing new features like the lock and pass region of the requirements 3DS games. In terms of presentation, GATEWAY3DS missing something by not used a plastic housing, and no Card Reader microSD. En build of quality, is the first class and equal GW3DS the official sales cartridges. The GW3DS is easy to install and use, even if you are new to the scene able to GW3DS are short of getting your work. All the games I tried worked perfectly, no delays or dropouts. The Team GATEWAY3DS begins, the respect and recognition for what they have done to earn to achieve in a short time. With the demonstration Firmware usurper and bypass GW3DS block the 3DS region has gained a lot of interest 3DS. Al community 3DS early life of a large number of people who buy a system until it was rejected a sort of hack or flash kit for him. I think now is GW3DS and is supported by GW3DS team, we will see an increase in sales 3DS system in the coming months.

+ Easy installation and operation
+ Ability to store the backup files
+ Compatible with most games
+ Local multiplayer works

- No online game
- No automatic, requires you to leave the game to the Start menu.
- No Homebrew (yet)
- Requires a previous firmware 3DS


The Gateway 3DS Kit is presented as a high-end flash. The GATEWAY3DS comes in a blue plastic box with the logo on it GW3DS. A in GW3DS cartridge is stored in a plastic container. The cartridges are made of durable plastic and have good, clear labels, look like they could last longer than the typical wear. The cartridges have teeth that help bring a certain influence on the contacts GW3DS and 3DS. No Readers microSD include, but not low-end flash games, Nintendo DS normally expected something. Since the high price of the product, I think I could have been a little better. In addition to the first generation of cars DS is compared to the average.


Games GATEWAY3DS work exactly like their commercial counterparts. With the exception of online multiplayer, and the few seconds it takes to stamp GW3DS laden, could not tell the difference between GW3DS and my copy of the Code of Princess. While online multiplayer is not working, Local Multiplayer worked well.


Attractive sustainable
With all the 3DS library is available, Flash GW3DS is a kit that will last long. Once the GATEWAY3DS team solves the latest firmware update enduring appeal is even greater since it is games that are published in the region, as well as new games that require a higher firmware, can play.

8. 5

Overall (not an average)
GW3DS generally enjoys an excellent build quality, works as expected, and gets a great team GW3DS support. The only drawbacks is that stated by the GATEWAY 3DS Advance or those working on fixing. They are a small price to pay library for access to most of the 3DS game.



a) Run Gateway installer b) Press A to install

Blue Gateway

Copy Launcher.dat from GW Release to the root of the SD card from the 3DS .

Step 3

Blue Gateway

Launching Gateway mode (repeat every power cycle)

Step 4

Blue Gateway

Wait for 5 to 8 seconds for system to reboot into GW mode.

GW mode

Blue Gateway


Red Gateway

Step 5Preparing Micro SD cards for the Gateway cart. a) Please download Win32 Disk Imager from the following link

b) Start Win32 Disk Imager and select file open button, choose all file types to list .3DSand select your file.


Red Gateway

c) Insert Micro SD larger than the file to be written into reader/writer.


in Win32 Disk Imager drop down list.(Note: The Micro SD needs to be preformatted in order to show up in the device list.)Select Write, double check correct target device and yes to the pop-up confirm overwrite window.



Red Gateway

YAY you’re done! :) Insert Micro SD into Red Gateway Card.Make sure you are running in Gateway Mode as shown in Step 4.Insert Gateway and enjoy!Automatic Save Game Transfer FeatureWhen swapping games it is important to follow the “Home” --> “Close” sequence in order to enable the Gateway save game transfer from the Gateway Card to the 3DS SD card.For every new game Gateway will write a file to the 3DS SD card only on game exit via the “home”--> “Close” routine. When the same game is started, the file is transfered back to the Gateway Card in real time.


Preventing accidental system update:It is strongly recommended to enable parental controls in order to prevent an accidental system update.Gateway will endeavor to provide timely updates to ensure the latest backups canbe used.While our current release is for firmware 4.1-4.5 future updates past 6.2 will mostlikely close off our convenient Gateway Mode Launcher. Getting a system lower than 4.1 up to 4.1-4.5 can safely be done by running a3DS original game released between January 2013 and June 2013. (Please doublecheck the system version update message to ensure nothing above 4.5)

Trouble shooting:Gateway Mode fails to relaunch (hang for longer than 20 sec, black screens or main menu error): 1) Make sure 3DS is running system version 4.1 -> 4.5 2) Check Launcher.dat is in the root directory of the SD card of the 3DS 3) Confirm 3DS can read/write to SD card (Try freshly formated card, 3DS should pop up message on card insertion 4) Re-Run Blue card Gateway InstallerNo banner pops up on red Gateway insertion 1) Make sure you are in Gateway mode (Settings -> Other -> Profile -> DS Prof. -> wait for reboot) 2) Make sure your backup is the correct region for your console 3) Make sure you are binary writing the backup to the micro SD card.You enter in DS profile settings while trying to launch Gateway Mode: 1) Re-Run Blue card Gateway Installer

4 4—
.D ABC.3ds
Tri-s1 "rmm
* repeat GW mode every power cycle
* repeat GW installer on DS mode entry

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